Welcome to Tranlik Products

Welcome to Tranlik Products, a dynamic and innovative tattoo company revolutionizing the art of tattooing with our advanced stencil solutions. With a fresh perspective and energetic approach, Tranlik leads the industry in creating groundbreaking stencil technology for tattoos.

Quality & Innovation

Driven by our commitment to quality and innovation, we continually develop state-of-the-art products. Our reliable tools ensure precision and consistently meet the highest standards.

Comprehensive Solutions
Whether you are a tattoo artist looking for transfer machines, a piercer in need of durable and safe equipment, or a beauty professional seeking the finest body care products, we have everything you need.

At Tranlik, we prioritize your well-being. Our products enhance professional results while ensuring client comfort and safety. We use safe, effective, and gentle materials and formulations.

Customer Satisfaction
Your satisfaction is our priority. We aim to surpass your expectations in every product and interaction. Count on us for outstanding customer service, prompt shipping, and easy returns.

Elevate Your Tattoo Stencil Creation with Tranlik Products
Experience a breakthrough in tattoo stencil creation with Tranlik Products. Embrace unparalleled artistry, precision, and innovation. Be part of the revolution as we transform the tattooing industry, one stencil at a time.