Warranty Policy

We appreciate your support of our products. Each of our products undergoes stringent inspections and extensive testing at every stage to comply with international standards. However, given the large-scale production, occasional issues may arise. To address these rare instances and ensure customer satisfaction, we provide a 365-day replacement warranty service, guaranteeing a completely satisfactory shopping experience.

Warranty Coverage

All our products, including those from official and third-party service providers, are covered by a 365-day warranty from the date of delivery of the purchase order. To be eligible for warranty service, proof of purchase must be provided to confirm that the product is within the warranty period.

Warranty Procedure

Here’s how our warranty works. When you encounter an issue with the machine, please contact us and submit a warranty certificate or proof of purchase. If you purchased directly from our official website, your information can be easily located. For purchases from third-party vendors, please provide your purchase details for verification. Once we confirm that your issue falls within the warranty coverage, we will process your warranty request and proactively contact you to arrange for replacement service. Please note, however, that the one-year warranty will become void under the following circumstances:

  • Signs of physical damage or dropping of the machine
  •  Evidence of ink/fluid inside the machine or motor assembly
  • Signs of tampering with the machine
  • Replacement of internal parts by unauthorized personnel

For repairs not covered under warranty:

If your device is over a year old and requires repair, charges will apply. We will contact you via email to discuss the repair before proceeding with any work. Contact Us:  service@tranlik.com